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Innovation-Led Transformation: Insights from an IBM Changemaker

Main Stage
  • Ginni Rometty

    Former Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM
  • Andrew Dubowec

    Chief Growth Officer, League
About the session

Join us for an enlightening fireside chat with Ginni Rometty, former Chairman, President and CEO of IBM, as she reflects on her impressive four-decade journey as a changemaker. From steering IBM towards significant investments in pioneering initiatives like cloud computing to the launch of Watson Health for applying AI to healthcare data, Ginni’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the technological landscape. Delving into the challenges she faced, personal anecdotes, and key lessons learned, Ginni will offer a unique perspective on:

  • The mindset required for effective leadership in times of transformation
  • The importance of embracing change amid the current global economic landscape, technological shifts, and workforce changes
  • The transformative power of technology and the role of data in strategic decision-making
  • Practical insights on inspiring buy-in for change