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Organizational Design & Operating Models to Enable CX Transformation

Studio 1
  • Ashesh Desai

    Head of Group Benefits, Manulife
  • Brigitte Nettesheim

    Former President, Enterprise & National Accounts, Aetna
About the session

CX transformation is not simple, and there is no one universal answer to long-term success. Every organization faces their own unique considerations, based on things like company legacy, existing tech stack, leadership buy-in and change management. When deciding to build, buy or build by partner, understanding your organization’s capacity for change, future goals and required time-to-market are all key factors.

In this session, we will hear a first-hand account from Manulife’s Head of Group Benefits, Ashesh Desai, on their journey from choosing to build by partner and the results they’ve been able to achieve in a very small time frame.